Vessel 10

The Galleries Shopping Centre, Bristol, Aug 2015

“Imagination will often
carry us to worlds that
never were. But without it
we go nowhere.” Carl Sagan

“As the spacecraft, New Horizons, approached the dwarf planet Pluto, I imagined the impact it would have if we received images of a extraterrestrial civilisation. The first close-up pictures of the planet revealing a bustling city, filled with beings going about their daily business, completely unaware of our existence. New Horizons might be joining our other Earth’s emissaries, the Pioneers and the Voyagers, drifting beyond our solar system. Onboard these spacecrafts, they contain ‘messages’ from Earth in a hope they might be discovered by an extraterrestrial life, possibly in billions of years from now.

For Vessel 10, I’m bringing together artists and volunteers to build a spacecraft to be launched at 2pm (BST), August 30, 2015. Contained within it is a self-portrait of humanity, waiting to be discovered.”